Five of my favorite light fixtures

One: Dining Room

I just love this fixture from Circa Lighting:   


I like it for a few reasons:

Transitional, it can work in a older home, or a more contemporary home.  

It comes in 2 sizes, which is great if you have a smaller dining area. 

I love the finish choices it comes in. It can be played up to become a focal point, or down played to blend into a space. 

If you were so bold, you could even swap out the shades to fit the mood.  


Two: Wall light #1  

The Loopy from Urban Electric Company

As far as size and scale goes, this one is a winner in my book. UE's metal finishes are amazing. It is also a very versatile sconce, as you could put it in a dining room, hallway or a powder bathroom. 



Three:  Wall light #2

Not that I am all about sconces, but I sort of am:  

Here is my favorite wall mounted swing arm!  I use it often (I even mount them on headboards). 

Classic Swing Arm

This is my Value Price Leader as far as lamps go!


It comes in 5 finishes, and the shade comes with a defuser, so you get nice even light when reading. Not to mention one of my favorite inventions: Built-in dimmer!


Four: Floor Lamps

This was the hardest for me to select for this blog, so I thought I would post a lamp that is on my personal wish list.  

I am obsessed with the BTC lighting Company out of England. I have ordered their pendants in the past, and was truly thrilled with the quality of craftsmanship.  

It also comes in so many colors! Woo Hoo! And at around $450, it won't break the bank.



FIVE!   I really wanted to put the table version of the BTC lamp, but I opted to give you my readers, another choice. 

So this is a total statement piece, it is beyond my price point right now in my life, but a girl can dream!  

I'd recommend making this lamp a focal point in the room, as it is sculptural.

It reminds me of a the Noguchi coffee table. 


Here is the link: 


Love to hear what you think. 

Until next time,